Grove’s main purpose is to help you achieve your financial goals and peace of mind.

Grove Grove Wealth Management was created as an investment firm for managing the net worth of its partners. To this end, the Grove team developed a set of investment practices that later extended to serve clients using the same principles.

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Our Investment Principles

For many people volatility has a negative connotation; for us it is a measure of the abundance of opportunity. That’s why Grove has developed, implemented, and perfected strategies to take advantage of volatility. The changing environment constantly impacts the financial markets, requiring strategies that incorporate volatility as a basic element of investment management.

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Probabilities exist and can’t be ignored. At Grove, each trade we place starts with a clear idea of ​​the likelihood of success and the objective to achieve. This is done in accordance with our principles of prudence and risk management. The result is that our investment decisions are always made with the odds in our favor.


In today's financial markets, it is naive to think that profitable wealth management can be done without the intensive use of advanced technology. Grove has developed, and continues to develop, specialized tools to optimize investment strategies. The systems help us monitor, understand, and model the markets; automate trading; and seize market opportunities.

Alternative Strategies

The changing environment is increasingly impacting financial markets, which requires investment strategies that take volatility into account. For this purpose, we have designed a series of investment strategies that adapt to the current market circumstances, based on less traditional ETFs such as UVXY, SVXY, UPRO, SDS, SGOL, etc.

Depending on the market phase (sustained rally, bear market, correction, rebound, increasing volatility, decreasing volatility, etc.) we use the combination of ETFs that best suits the scenario, with two objectives: obtaining additional returns, and hedging.

Alternative strategies, by their nature, are not permanent investments and only apply when our indicators allow us to identify a specific market scenario with greater clarity. Otherwise, the money destined to alternative investments is kept in cash.

Volatility is a measure of the abundance of opportunity

Our Portfolios

Our investment portfolios are constructed following the traditional asset allocation. On top of this classical approach, we add a portion of Alternative Investments (described above). The percentage of alternative instruments within the portfolio is based on the level of risk tolerance, and it is progressively bigger as the portfolio risk level increases.


Conservative Portfolios are for people who are not very risk-prone and seek sustainable income (mainly via dividends and coupons) with relatively low capital variations. The performance of the portfolio comes from coupons, dividends and capital gains, the latter not being the main objective of the investment.


The Conservative Portfolios are positioned in a range of low risk (3.9 / 10 according to our risk measurement system), high liquidity and conservative expected returns.


Balanced Portfolios are for people who have a certain risk tolerance and seek a combination of income and growth, understanding that capital variations may occur. The performance of the portfolio comes from coupons, dividends and capital gains, where the latter is the one that contributes to the growth of the investment in the long term.


The Balanced Portfolios are positioned in a range of average risks (5.14 / 10 according to our risk measurement system), high liquidity, and medium expected returns.


The Dynamic Portfolios are for people who seek growth and have high risk tolerance, understanding that there will be capital variations. The performance of the portfolio comes from coupons, dividends and capital gains, where the latter is the main long-term contributor to the growth of the investment.


The Dynamic Portfolios are positioned in a range of high risks (6.12 / 10 according to our risk measurement system), high liquidity and high expected returns.


Investment Committee

Grove Wealth Management broadcasts live on video conference its Investment Committee (in Spanish). Fixed-income, stock, FOREX, and commodity markets are reviewed and analyzed. During this broadcast we share markets’ graphics, news, comments, etc., as well as the main economic indicators and their trends.

The Committee meets on Wednesdays at 11:00 am (EDT) by invitation only.

Customers should register to receive the invitations.

For Grove, volatility can be considered as an asset class.

Our Clients

The needs, objectives, and preferences of investors are diverse. Our model is based on transparency (granted by our American regulatory framework), a focus on Latin American customers, and our investment strategies that we share with our clients.

For a baseball player becoming a professional sportsman or in a formal training academy, Grove’s Team is the right allied to share and develop your financial plan. Our dedication in working in your money management and previous experiences with other sportsmen in working on their present and future objectives.

If you are a successful individual who prefers to delegate your investments to an expert, Grove is for you. We help you choose, out from our investment menu, the investment portfolio that meets your risk-return expectation. Dedicated attention, consistentcy, online access and control are some of the benefits offered by Grove.

Health and self-employed professionals have a great time commitment to their careers. At Grove we know the importance of personal finance and money management for these professionals, we give tailor made advisory on investments and financial planning in a simple but complete way.

Family Offices

Confidentiality, multicultural understanding, and unique alternative products are things that Family Offices look for and Grove possesses. Direct access to managers and the possibility of tailor-made solutions make Grove an ideal partner for Family Offices.

Business Owners

For entrepreneurs and business owners, Grove understands your personal and business priorities. At the same time, we consider our services and investment products a diversification component to your business.

Financial institutions

The corporate experience of the Grove executive team allows us to understand the processes, language, and requirements of financial institutions, so we can adapt creative solutions to your specific regulatory and accounting framework,  with which we are familiar.


Our main office is located in Miami, FL (USA) and we have a focus on the Latin American region.

The team

Grove Wealth Management is led by professionals who have an extensive experience in the Latin American, American and European financial markets. It offers investment and financial services, with a team that brings together talent and experience.  Our goal is to achieve the maximization of the financial resources of individuals and businesses.

Executive Team



President and Partner.

Edgar has been a Managing Partner of Winexco Securities in Panama; Director of the State Trust Bank of Saint Lucia; Partner-President-Director of Unica Broker Dealer Venezuela; Partner and Executive Director of Grupo Activalores Venezuela; President of Prosperar Savings and Loan Venezuela; Executive President of Activalores Mutual Fund and VP of Financial Institutions for Citibank Venezuela. He is a licensed Securities Broker in Venezuela and obtained the necessary qualifications to be an Investment Advisor in Venezuela. He has a bachelor’s degree in physics from the Simón Bolívar University, and an MBA from the ESCP Europe.

Orlando Sthory 

Managing Director and Partner.

Orlando has been Managing Partner of Winexco Securities in Panama; Partner-Director of Unica Broker Dealer Venezuela; Manager of the Risk and Finance Consulting Practice of Price Waterhouse Coopers Venezuela; Credit and Risk Manager of Citibank Venezuela. He is a licensed Securities Broker in Venezuela, International Securities Broker in Panama, licensed Series 65 in the USA and has been a member of ACAMS. He is a Systems Engineer from the Metropolitan University, with a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from George Washington University.

Protection and Regulation

Investment Portfolios are managed through an Investment Account at Interactive Brokers *. The account allows the purchase of bonds, stocks and other investment products from many worldwide stock markets. The investor is the holder of the account opened at Interactive Broker (IB) and Grove acts only as the investment manager under the terms of a management agreement.

Grove Wealth Management is a Registered Investment Advisor in the state of Florida (FL). The accounts of the investors are protected by the insurance policy issued by the Security Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC).

Member of SIPC, which protects securities customers of its members up to $500,000 (including $250,000 for claims for cash). Explanatory brochure available upon request or at

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